Bath & Body Works now offers $10 off any purchase of $30 or more plus free shipping through coupon code: FROSTY.  Please notice that you have to meet the following requirements to apply the discount.

1. total purchase price after discount should be greater than $30 in order to get $10 off.
2. original price before discount should be greater than $50 to get free shipping.

However, the products are gone very fast. Some of them are already unavailable. If you are interested in this promotion, you have to hurry up!

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  • WEI
  • 哈 真瘋狂
    他們之前搞買3送1 我就買了一堆
    都還沒用 又有新的優惠=.=
    哀 我瘋了
  • 我也是~之前已經買過一些了,沒想到現在更便宜,忍不住又敗了。 ^^"

    lifeinus 於 2007/11/18 02:26 回覆