在網路上看房子是我的嗜好,不管是賣的或是租的,只要是房子我都很有興趣。某一天我看到一間之前有人在賣的房子,在craigslist改成用租的,但是租金便宜的誇張,大概是市場價的一半左右。雖然我完全不可能搬到single house去,還是很無聊地寫email去問(我知道~我真的很無聊…)。

那人不久之後就回信了,說是他是某教會臨時派出去的傳教士,目前人不在美國,所以沒辦法show房子給我看。但是他給了我地址,叫我可以自己去房屋所在地看外觀。如果我有興趣要租的話,要email給他我的身份資料,之後再討論後續細節。這樣的內容一看就怪怪的,所以我用一些key words在Google上搜尋,果然被我找到之前我看過在賣房子的賣家的聯絡方式。我寫了封email給原賣家,問他是否在租房,並把我在craigslist上看到的post寄給他,詢問是否是他本人po的。果不其然,在craigslist上的那人是詐騙集團的。隔了不久,craigslist上的那篇post就被撤掉了,我想應該是被原賣家檢舉所以才消失的吧!


提醒大家如果看到特別便宜的租屋資訊,租房者又有一堆藉口不在美國沒辦法show房子之類的,大概八九不離十都是詐騙,可別被超低的租金吸引就鬆懈了警覺心。不過因為沒有繼續follow up,也不知道這類的詐騙到底想要騙什麼,是身份資料還是押金?總之大家要小心囉~

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  • polar61
  • 我在紐約的朋友之前要把房子租出去也是在craiglist遇到一堆相同的外國騙子.藉口都是不在美國,急著租房,要你把銀行帳戶給他好匯款.真的是要小心哪.
  • 所以大概也是先存空頭支票進去帳號,然後再找藉口要把錢轉回去的那種騙法囉?真是世界各地都有騙子啊~

    lifeinus 於 2008/09/12 19:40 回覆

  • chengyen
  • 要租房子?

    我是剛到las vegas的台灣學生
  • 搜尋租屋可以用www.apartments.com或rent.com等租屋網站。不過建議你還是直接問學校的學長姊才知道哪一個apartment環境比較好。



    lifeinus 於 2009/03/17 20:32 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • Never
  • 謝謝文章分享
  • 不客氣~


    lifeinus 於 2009/07/19 09:56 回覆

  • rdx

  • Craiglist是著名的租屋騙子聚集地

  • 用Craiglist真的要挺小心的,有時候我在上面賣東西也很怕遇到壞人。不過我朋友也有在上面找到不錯的房子,就是得自己小心挑選了!

    lifeinus 於 2009/12/22 10:58 回覆

  • orange
  • 我 再找 Boston sublet 看到 很便宜請幫我看 看

    21 Beacon St Boston MA
    k4ndyamyyahoo .com

    $900 / 2br - Monthly - Spacious Unit 2 Bedrooms 2 Baths, furnished, renovated (Boston)

    Date: 2010-06-11, 1:09PM EDT
    Reply to: see below


    2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms kitchen, laundry, living, dining, parking included. Includes 2 underground garage parking spaces.
    Modern furnished 2BR 2BA condo conveniently located downtown! Come in and see this beautiful two-bedroom two-bath apartment Available now !
    High speed and cable, 2 TVs, table and chairs, big granite bar, stainless. Internet service, all you need to bring are your cosmetics.
    Happy to hear of your interest,
    The apartment is available for rent,
    It is very spacious, over 1400sqft, very modern and bright, 2 large bedrooms, 2 full baths, a living room, dining area, washer and dryer in the apartment, lots of closet space, fully furnished, all new bedding/linens, cookware, dishes etc .The rooms are nicely furnished and the apartment features a spacious/open modern Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances: range/oven, microwave, dishwasher & refrigerator, lots of closets and storage space. Air Conditioning, Hardwood floors, Granite and marble bathrooms, stainless steel appliances, 42" LCD TV, DVD, Sound System. Comes with a gated parking space included,a storage unit where you can deposit my furniture (if you want to rent it unfurnished and you want use your own furniture) Maintenance is done by a specialized company and i will be billed for any maintenance work that gets done. Pets are allowed! . The address is: 21 Beacon St Boston MA 02108, It is located in a very select downtown neighborhood, The area is very nice, very quiet and safe, it is close to all the best attractions, easy access to public transportation. Great Restaurants, Bars, Pubs and shopping abound in the immediate area, within walking distance. In this area i could ren t the apartment for almost double the price i am asking ( US $900.00 / Month, US $900.00 Deposit ) Water,electricity, Internet,cable, parking, All the utilities and amenities fees are included in the monthly rent because I want to find someone serious and reliable that will always be on time with the rent and will take care of my property.

    I am the apartment owner, i now live in London, UK most of the time and i have decided to rent the apartment. The rental will be done only via eBayReal Estate. eBay.com is a legitimate and neutral company, offering purchase protection for millions of transactions each day. The apartment is not yet listed on their web site, first we have to set up the rental process through them. The process is simple and easy, everything is done online.

    To secure the apartment you will deposit the first month's rent plus the deposit to eBay as security, they will handle all the paperwork, documentation and the keys will be mailed to you via Overnight Express. You will have a 5 days inspection period to review the apartment and the lease, after this period if you decide not to rent the apartment eBay will return you the money 100%, you will get the first month's rent and the deposit back the same day the lease and keys are returned as I will be supporting the fees. I am sure you will love the apartment and that you will decide to rent it, but it's good to know you have the second option also. The apartment is unoccupied, you can move in the same day or whenever you are ready. The lease is flexible, can be month to month, min stay one month, If you are interested you can secure the apartment now and move in later, the lease will start from when you move in.

    I will be billed when i set up the process so I don't want to end up paying eBay hundreds of dollars for this service without any result. I want to make sure i am dealing with people who are serious about renting.

    Please tell me something about your income. If you are interested in the apartment please describe yourself so i can have an idea about you and the people that will be living in my apartment. Let me know if you are interested, when can you secure the apartment, how long are you planing to rent, I really need to take care of this matter by the end of the next week.

    Thank you for your time.

    Ps. Below are some pictures of the apartment please let me know if you have received them.

    Photo Album with pictures of the apartment : http://pict.com/album/62540/98746afb63

  • 是詐騙喔~


    lifeinus 於 2010/06/16 11:06 回覆

  • orange
  • Thanks
    Thenks u again
    in the world 就是有你這種人
    讓我們 少走錯
  • 不客氣!還好你沒被騙~

    lifeinus 於 2010/06/30 22:55 回覆

  • zayho
  • 好棒的分享!!!!
  • 原來apartmentratings.com有犯罪率啊!我之前都沒注意到,謝謝你的提醒!希望你順利找到房子,屆時再來分享尋屋經驗吧!

    lifeinus 於 2010/07/09 22:37 回覆

  • 訪客
  • 我想用money transfer但她回我,怪怪的
    For some reason we will not be able to use Bank wire transfer for now

    cause we gave our account information to a client last week and he try
    to withdraw money from the account. there hold on the account for now
    till investigation is over. so i like to implore you to send the fund
    via Money gram or western Union money transfer. to our accountant with
    information below
  • 有點看不懂你的留言,你是說你找到一個租屋廣告,但是對方要求你匯錢到western Union嗎?很多詐騙集團都用western Union,所以建議你還是三思而後行。google一下 "western Union + 詐騙"就會看到很多相關文章了。

    lifeinus 於 2012/05/16 11:46 回覆

  • 訪客
  • 房東要求paypal付錢
  • 這我真的不知道耶!你是在台灣想要找美國的租屋嗎?要不要到了當地實際看比較保險呢?

    lifeinus 於 2012/05/17 17:11 回覆