If you plan to go back to Taiwan this winter, it's time to book your flight!
There is no particular way to find the cheapest ticket. The best way to get a good price is search, search and search. Buying tickets earlier doesn't mean you can get them cheaper. It's totally depending on luck!  

If you plan to go back in winter vacation, you'd better go back after Christmas.The price would be much lower than the one before Christmas. Also, don't stay in Taiwan more than one month. The ticket would be more expensive that way.
Usually, the cheapest ticket could be found through Asian travel agents in U.S. But, sometimes, it can be cheaper to book directly online.
Yahoo! Farechase
I love this website a lot! I already mentioned it once in the article about traveling. Before you call the travel agents, you can check the price on this website. Then, you would know if you get a good deal or not.
For Students only
Usually only nine student tickets are available per flight. The price is good, but you have to book it earlier. Otherwise, the tickets may be sold out!
King Vacation
This is the only Asian travel company website I found which you can search the price online. The recent hot deals are as follow.
Boston to Taipei$700
Chicago to Beijing$790
Atlanta to Seoul$870
Pittsburgh to Singapore$840
Los Angeles to Bangkok$845
Seattle to Hong Kong$795
Washington D.C. to Beijing$760
New York to Taipei$680
San Francisco to Shanghai$675

Other Asian travel companies
大大        800-896-8011
六福        800-878-2828         800-441-1183
揚聲        800-638-9580
天翼        888-888-8516
I found tons of travel companies in this website. Please check yourself if you want to make more phone calls.
Good Luck!
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