If you don't know who I am, please skip this article.
If you do, please keep it as a secret and don't tell anyone else.  Thanks~
It's not a big deal.  But I just want to keep it as a secret about me writing this blog.
I feel like I can have more freedom when readers don't know who I am.
You're still very welcome to tell others about this website.
After all, the original purpose of this website is to tell more people about things in U.S. so they can settle down more quickly.

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  • cory
  • 喜欢你的美国生活的记述

  • 歡迎你來逛我的blog,有實用的資訊也請留言告訴我喔!

    lifeinus 於 2007/09/20 22:20 回覆

  • DK
  • 嗯~ 從你的部落格中得到不少資訊, 真好, 謝謝你.
  • 不客氣,很高興你覺得這些資訊有用 :-)

    lifeinus 於 2011/06/05 16:33 回覆

  • bonnie
  • Your blog is really awesome for me and thanks for sharing~
  • You're very welcome and thanks for visiting my blog.

    lifeinus 於 2014/04/26 02:31 回覆